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I don’t hate Shatta Wale – Blakk Rasta

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Reggae musician and host of Taxi Driver show on Zylofon FM Abubakar Ahmed, known globally as Blakk Rasta has rebuffed critics who believe his recent criticism of Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr, also known as Shatta Wale was borne out of hatred.

Blakk Rasta said it is not in his DNA to hate any individual, saying he only detests people who pretend to be whom they are not and one of such people is Shatta Wale.

Blakk as he is referred to by his colleagues, open up when Acting Managing Editor visited him for a chat.

While he emphasized that there is no need for him to hate the personality of his fellow musician Shatta Wale, Blakk Rasta argued that actions of ‘Agraadaa’ crooner always compel him to speak against it thereby condemning him adding “That’s different from hating his personality”.

 “Well at this age, I’ve come to know in fact that hatred is only some heavy weight on you that you will carry as long as you maintain that status of a hatred hater, you know, so I don’t hate people. I hate their actions”.

“So, if you ask me if I hate him, No, I don’t hate him, I can’t hate him”

I can speak about the president, speak about any, why can’t I speak about Shatta Wale? When Shatta Wale jubilated that I had lost my job in his own words, did anybody say he hated me? He was just expressing his feelings that he doesn’t like me and that as long as I was out of the media face, he was happy and free, Blakk Rasta explained with smiles on his face.

Not long ago, Shatta Wale released a song in which he made some allegations against Blakk Rasta to the effect that, the ‘Taxi Driver Show’ host is a thief and could not defend himself when he was summoned before the Privileges Committee of Parliament and was subsequently fired from his previous employment.

Even beside all the above excoriation he received from Shatta Wale, nothing moved him to hate the musician, recounted Blakk Rasta, adding that he only decided to “show him (Shatta Wale) that he cannot play God Almighty”.

  “I remember last year he also said that if he wants to kill my career is very simple, all he needs to do is to release one song and I’m gone. So, I look at this guy and I just feel like he started to play that ‘Almighty’, let me show him, he is not even near being a student”.

 That state that he is (sic) just a junky and that’s how junkies behave, junkies when they take their drugs they have no sense anymore, they just misbehave, Blakk Rasta alleged.

Asked by Acting Managing Editor what will make him stop going after Shatta Wale the way he does, the Commander-In-Chief of “Kuchoko Soljahs” noted “just like Christ saying that hate sin and not the sinner, the one who performs the act can change but the act itself can never change. The act is what is known as Sin. The sinner commits the actual act of sin so with Shatta Wale, I will never hate him and I would never hate anybody.

 I only pray that we all become better people. That is all I am, I mean looking forward to”

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